US Bombs Somalia as Russia Bombs Ukraine

The US launched an airstrike on Somalia just as Russia was bombing Ukraine last month. This was not the first US airstrike in the country. There have been ongoing airstrikes on Somalia, The last one was in August last year. US Africa Command said the strike was carried out under the Authorization of Use for Military Force in response to an al-Shabab attack.

Somalia is in political turmoil again, on the day parliamentary elections were supposed to happen, which have not been postposed to next month. This is also happening while millions are going hungry and hundreds of thousands are being displaced as Somalia faces its worst drought in a decade warns Save the Children Fund.

This the fifth of Joe Biden’s presidency. Previous airstrikes were on August 24, August 1July 23 and July 20. Before that, Donald Trump had escalated the US war in Somalia, bombing the country more in the first two years of his presidency than Barack Obama had in eight year of his presidency.

Meanwhile, Poland is welcoming Ukrainian refugees while refusing Muslim refugees. Western countries boycott Ukrainian wines while calls for boycotting Israeli wines for ongoing attacks against Gaza in Palestine have been ignored.

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