Understanding the Russian incursion into the Ukraine

The Russian incursion into Ukrainian territory is rooted in political interests with a history of territorial exchanges. The Ukraine’s origin is centered in Salvic federation known as Kievan Rus which was later engulfed in the Mongul invasion of the region.

The region was controlled by Ottoman other empires and finally became a part of the Russian Empire. The Ukraine regained its political identity as a Soviet Republic under the USSR and gained its independence after the break of the Soviet Union.

There was a revolt in Kyiv in 2013 known as the Orange revolution to oppose the government’s establishment of closer ties with Russia resulting in the establishment of an anti-Russian government. This created a rift within the Ukraine between some regions having loyalties to Russia.

Russia took advantage of this internal dissension and by occupying and then enexting the Crimea in 2014 which led to a revolt in the Donbas region. Russia has been funding the rebel forces in the region and has now entered territory by recognizing the independence of Luhansk and Donetsk republics in the name of peacekeeping. This was the same pattern employed in the annexation of Crimea.

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