Review: Broken, Green Blades Of Grass is novel about sexuality in the middle east

Hicham Bouzid’s new intriguing novel that deals with sexuality and gender identity in a Muslim society. It deals with characters who are gay, bisexual, Lesbian, Trans and intertexed. The novel takes us through journeys of different characters and how they deal with who they are and with their faith and how they struggle with a homophobic and transphobic society. It also looks at how people are afforded to express their desire based on their class privilege.

This is Bouzid ‘s second novel on the subject. It is available on kindle as an E-book and will soon be available on paperback. Both this novel and his first novel Kafavis’ Syndrome: An Odyssey of a Bisexual Moslem are available at Amazon. Kafavis’ Syndrome is available on paperback at  Amazon.

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