Rajni Parera explores tradition on canvas

Rajni Perera Photo by Imtiaz Popat

by Imtiaz Popat

Rajni Perera’s, exhibition The Vessel with Two Mouths at Roundhouse at the Indian Summer Festival in Vancouver explores her fascination dance from her to her Sri Lankan heritage.

She is seen with her rendition of the story of Ravana in this powerful peace from the epic Mahabharta. She transforms the art of story telling form ancient scriptures to the canvas in howshe transcends those traditional stories with her paint brush.

Here we see a ganger or ghunroo, a anklet with bells worn by classical dancers on top of a dancer, shown as a halo or crown. The ganger is her identity and informs who she is.

Her art form is rather large, weather it is canvas of sculpture. Which she says becomes a problem when it comes to transporting them to exhibitions. It’s price worth paying for transcending art.

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