Devastating Floods Ravage Afghanistan and Pakistan

Hasht-E Subh The Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indian northern rejoins have been struck by ongoing floods, resulting in the destruction of vital agricultural land and effecting many towns and cities.

Heavy rainfall in the Moshky area of Qara-Bagh district in Ghazni province of Afghanistan. Sources reported to Hasht-e Subh this distressing news on Sunday, July 8th.

The impact on the region has been catastrophic, with the majority of wheat, potato, and onion crops lost. This immense blow has caused substantial financial hardship for the farmers affected.

Tragically, the devastation extends beyond agriculture. At least 10 residential houses have been obliterated by the raging floods. As of now, no specific details have emerged regarding the casualties resulting from this calamity.

Notably, local Taliban officials in Ghazni have remained silent on the matter, refraining from issuing any statements regarding the aftermath of the floods.

Adding to the recent wave of destruction, the provinces of Nangarhar and Logar experienced their own harrowing floods a few days ago. These calamitous events claimed lives and decimated hundreds of acres of farmland.

This disaster unfolds in the context of a prior warning from the country’s meteorological department, under Taliban control. On Thursday, July 6th, the department alerted the nation to the looming possibility of heavy rainfall and floods wreaking havoc across region.

Days of heavy monsoon rains have also inundated Pakistani cities once again, hitting vulnerable communities still recovering from last year’s historic deluge.

The monsoon rains that started in the last week of June have have triggered flash floods, with the eastern city of Lahore seeing a record-breaking downpour on Wednesday, flooding many streets and disrupting normal life.

In neighbouring India, about a dozen districts in the northeastern state of Assam were hit by deadly flash floods in June, forcing thousands to flee their homes and seek refuge at makeshift relief camps.

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