Pakistani Delegation to Kabul Advise to Reopen Girls Schools

(Hasht-E Subh)  A delegation of Pakistani religious scholars led by Mohammad Taqi Usmani, one of the religious leaders of Pakistan, traveled to Kabul for a three-day trip and met the Taliban senior members, including acting prime minister Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, acting interior minister Sirajuddin Haqqani, the education minister, and other Taliban members that discussed various issues related to the girls’ education and engaging the Afghan people in the development of their country.

During the three-day visit, Maulana Tayyab, one of the members of the Pakistani delegation, said that they have advised the Afghan Taliban about the education of girls and also talked with the Tehreek-e-Taliban-Pakistan (TTP) so that it might join the peace process.

“In our meeting with the Afghan Taliban, we stressed that you (Taliban) must open girls’ schools and colleges so that they can get an education. I gave them my example and told them that I am Mullah as well but my niece is presently serving as a general in the Pakistan Army,” Tayyab said.

Maulana Tayyab further said he has told the Taliban that a female in Pakistan has translated the Holy Quran into the Pashto language, who is his wife. Also, he said his wife has written a book in the Pashto language for helping others to understand the Holy Quran.

“Had she not attended school and not gotten an education, how could she have served the Holy Quran and our religion,” Tayyab said.

“They (Taliban) appreciated this and assured us that they would soon open girls’ schools and colleges where they can get education according to the Sharia law,” Tayyab added.

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