Pakistan needs 16.3 billion dollars to meet the damages caused by floods

Hasht-E Subh International organizations have warned of a significant increase in the level of poverty, estimating more than 30 billion dollars in damages caused by the recent floods in Pakistan, and have said that the country needs 16.3 billion dollars to cover the damages caused by the floods.

Dan newspaper reported on Saturday, October 29 that the “Post Disaster Needs Assessment” program launched jointly by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, United Nations Development Program and the European Union with the support of the Government of Pakistan asked the international community to is to try to provide a budget of 16.3 billion dollars to Pakistan.

This report was officially presented in a ceremony chaired by Ahsan Iqbal,

Pakistan’s Minister of Planning. Iqbal said that the condition of spending at least 40% of Pakistan’s development budget in the last three months of the fiscal year to cover the damages caused by floods was unjustified and should be revised. Pakistan’s GDP is projected to decline by around 2.2% in 2022 due to the direct effects of the recent floods.

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