Netanyahu’s coalition government propose anti-lgbtq legislation in Israel

by Imtiaz Popat’

Netanyahu’s coalition government consists of factions from the extreme right in Israel: ‘Jewish Power’ and ‘Noam’- two openly and explicitly anti lgbtq+ parties.

Under the coalition agreements the government is putting forward a bill that will allow businesses to deny services on “religious grounds” a euphemism which is intended to deny medical and other services required by lgbtq+ customers.

Law makers from said parties went on air and described how a physician could withhold medical care, and how a hotel manager could refuse lgbtq+ families based on the new amendments.

No less important, bills are being put forward as we speak to override the Supreme Court’s ability to exercise its power as the ultimate interpreter of the law. This will enable a complete overhaul to our unwritten constitution and would put minorities’ rights in Israel and the occupied territories at great peril.

Israel has been touted at the bastion of lgbtq rights in the Middle East. What ever rights lgbtq had is Israel are now in danger.

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