Canadian White Nationalist Not Being Treated as Terrorists

Alberta RCMP submitted this photo of what they say is a cache of firearms and ammunition found in three trailers near a blockade of the Canada-U.S. border. (Submitted by Alberta RCMP)

Canadian White Nationalist who are behind that so called Freedom protests and blockades are not being treated as terrorists even in the mainstream media.

Intelligence assessments prepared by Canada’s Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre (Itac) warned in late January that it was “likely” that extremists were involved and said that the scale of the protests could yet pose an “opportunity for potential lone actor attackers to conduct a terrorism attack” and “advocated civil war”, calling for violence against the Prime Minister, and that the plan be“used as Canada’s ‘January 6’”. Alberta RCMP have arrested some of these protesters who had weapons for an armed insurrection. Reports of armed militia training in Alberta has also been well reported.

Prime Minister Justine Trudeau said that he enacted the Emergencies Act because no other laws had the power to control the insurgence. However Canada’s Anti-Terror laws which has such powers were not used because these white Nationalist are not seen as terrorists.

Interim Conservative leader Candice Bergen supports these White Nationalists saying that they are simply fighting for their rights. The question is what rights are they fighting for? While NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has called out these White Nationalists as extremists, he has fallen short of calling them Terrorists.

While reports of funding from US and other sources funding this revolt who also funded and where behind the January 6 insurrection on the US Capital hill, Canadian political leaders have failed to call this revolt as an insurrection or an act of domestic terrorism.

There was strong opposition to the Canada’s anti-terror laws when they were first introduced because they were seen as Islamophobic because they would be and have been largely used to against Muslims. Alexandre Bissonnette who murdered six Muslims praying in the Quebec City Mosque was not charged with any act of terrorism.

While the Canadian government has enacted the Emergencies Act, treatment of these White Nationalist organizers has not changed much, with the new Emergency powers. In fact many of the organizers of have come from the ranks of the Canadian military and the police forces. Some of the protestors claim that criticism of White Nationalist amounts to “Anti-Whiteism”. The RCMP knew that White Supremacist rock bands were freely performing in Surrey when Guru Nanak Gurdwara caretaker Nirmal Singh was murdered. So those who are supposed to protect us are complicit in their rise.

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