Afghan Journalists in Exile in Pakistan: Global Community Failed to Deliver Its Promises

Hasht-E Subh A number of Afghan journalists in Pakistan who are awaiting evacuation to another country express they have been forgotten by the international community.

Afghanistan’s journalists, who gathered in Islamabad on Friday, said that after a year of uncertainty in the third country, they are suffering from mental issues.

They want the world not to deny them and should be transferred to European countries.

According to them, in the one year they have been in Pakistan, they have not had access to their most basic rights, and countries such as America, Canada, and the European Union have not fulfilled their commitments they made to transfer them from Pakistan.

“The government of Pakistan is putting double pressure on various pretexts and has recently warned that we should get permission to leave Pakistan by the end of December and inevitably go to Afghanistan, where we will be facing more danger,” detailed journalists in exile.

They state that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Pakistan refused to process their cases either.

After the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, thousands of human rights activists, journalists and civil society activists went to Pakistan to be evacuated to other countries, and now they are on the verge of being deported from this country.

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