Weapons Smuggling from Afghanistan to Pakistan Increased

Hasht-E Subh Local sources in Zabul Province, speaking to Hasht-e Subh report the smuggling of various types of weapons from the routes of the Afghan Shamalzoi district of Zabul to Pakistan.

Sources on Saturday, October 29, said that local Taliban authorities smuggle weapons across the border by using some local residents.

The sources add that two days ago, 160 different types of weapons were placed in a Saracheh car and transferred to the other side of the border.

Previously, there were reports about the smuggling of weapons to Pakistan, including rifles that have been left behind by the American forces in Afghanistan.

Based on the information, American weapons, including night vision cameras, rifles, and snipers have a very demanding market in Pakistan, particularly the Pakistani military members prefer these weapons.

According to sources, American cameras and rifles are embedded in goods and transported to the other side of the border from various routes, and even using the children who are active at the Torkham border.

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