US Raised Many Terrorists in War Against Terrorism, Imran Khan Says

Imran Khan has said that the US has raised more terrorists in the war against terrorism in Afghanistan.

Kabul – In an exclusive interview with CNN, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has said that the United States has trained more terrorists in the war against terrorism in Afghanistan, adding his country has been like a “fort” during the US-led war.

In addition, Imran Khan added that 80,000 people have been killed by joining Pakistan in supporting the US in his country, stressing the US should reconsider its night raids and policies.

According to him, American citizens are told that drone strikes are accurate and target terrorists, however, the US officials do not provide details of the casualties inflicted on villages and the general public for their citizens.

On the other hand, the Pakistani official said: “I’m afraid that people in the US should not be aware of the amount of collateral that happened, but we have borne a heavy burden this time.”

Furthermore, Mr. Khan said it is important for the US to understand that the disliking of current rulers is one issue, but the country relates to 40 million, adding half of them are in a very dangerous situation.

Moreover, the Pakistani Prime Minister has stressed that there is currently no alternative to the current rulers and they should be cooperated and encouraged to prepare for human rights and governance and this is the only way forward right now.

“If Afghanistan is abandoned, it may become chaotic and our best hope is that a stable Afghanistan can ensure stability and peace in Pakistan, “Imran Khan told CNN. “Peace in Afghanistan is in the interest of all.

On the other hand, Imran Khan believes that the recognition of the current system in Afghanistan should be done sooner or later.

News Source – Hasht-e Subh Daily

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