UN Agency Calls on Tajikistan Not to Deport Afghan Refugees

by Mohammad Shaker Rasa

Kabul – The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has expressed concern over the deportation of Afghan refugees by Tajik government officials.

According to the commissioner, on November 11, eleven Afghan men, women, and children who had taken refuge in Tajikistan were repatriated to Afghanistan before being considered for asylum and protection.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees is also concerned about increasing obstacles for Afghan citizens in Tajikistan.

In addition, at the end of July this year, local Tajik authorities suspended the issuance of residence permits for all newly arrived Afghan citizens, according to the agency.

Moreover, increased restrictions and delays in processing asylum cases in Tajikistan have put Afghan citizens who have just arrived in Tajikistan at risk of fines, detention, and possible deportation to Afghanistan.

The commissioner has called on the Tajik government to refrain from forcibly deporting Afghan refugees to the country and to “immediately resume legal resettlement and refugee status”.

It recently issued a “global recommendation not to deport Afghan nationals” calling for an end to the forced deportation of all Afghan nationals from other countries.

The forced expulsion of Afghan citizens in the current situation is a serious violation of international law, according to UNHCR.

Furthermore, numerous Afghan citizens intending to travel to Western countries have migrated to Tajikistan and opened immigration cases at the offices of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees over the past few years.

Republished courtesy of Hashet-e-Subh

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