Teenage Boy in Badakhshan Ends His Life by Consuming Rat Poison

Hasht-E Subh A teenage boy ended his life by consuming rat poison in Afghanistan’s north-eastern Badakhshan province.

This young man, who was identified as Noor al-Huda, killed himself on Sunday, in Dasht Qargh neighborhood, Faizabad city’s 6th PD, Badakhshan province. Noor al-Huda, 15, left a letter in which it is written: “I am tired of this world.”

A source said that Noor al-Huda committed suicide following a verbal argument with his father. Members of Noor al-Huda’s family have not commented on this matter in more detail.

This is the fourth time that people have reportedly died due to suicide in Badakhshan in 2022-23. In another similar incident in Balkh, a 15-year-old boy killed himself by hanging himself from the cieling.

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