Sri Lanka Burns Muslims

Photo Courtesy of Justice for For All

“They are burning Muslim bodies of those who died of Covid-19 and even those who tested negative. 70% of the total dead due to COVID-19 in Sri Lanka are Muslims, despite being only 10 percent of the population,” says Muhammad Mujahid from the Justice for All Sri Lanka Task Force. “No other country in the world is forcing people to cremate, except China. We need your help to stop it,” he says.

Sri Lankan Muslims constitute over nine percent of the country’s total population. Muslims, their masjids, and their businesses have been under attack by Buddhist extremists for years.

New York Times about 6 years ago on Oct 15, 2014 wrote an editorial entitled “Deadly Alliances Against Muslims.” It showed how Buddhist Extremists in Sri Lanka, Burma and Hindu extremists in India are collaborating against their Muslims neighbors.“Unfortunately now in all three countries, extremists are in power and their primary target are Muslim minorities who are indigenous people living in their ancestral lands,” says Mujahid.

“We stand in fellowship with Sri Lankan Muslims who have been under attack for several years, Sri Lanka is a lush, green, beautiful country. May God soften the hearts of the Buddhist leaders in Sri Lanka. Buddha would never approve of this hate towards Muslim neighbors,” Mujahid Concludes and urges to please tweet at the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa ccing the Prime Minister Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa.

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