Sikh Men Save Lives Using Turbans and Jackets to Rescue Hikers at a Park

Two men who slipped and fell on a steep rock leading into rough waters at a park in British Columbia were saved thanks to a group of Sikh men who unraveled and removed their turbans to create a makeshift rope.

Two men had fallen while hiking were saved thanks to a group of Sikh men who removed their turbans to create a rope got International media attention. A group of five young Sikh men saw hikers stranded on a steep rocky ledge at Golden Ears Park in British Columbia. The young men are International Students from India.

Kuljinder Kinda, one of the rescuers said the area had no mobile signal to call emergency services. They had seen turbans being used to save people in similar situations.  In 2020, a community of elderly Sikh men were on their daily walk when they heard the screams of two girls who fell into a frozen pond in northeast Calgary. They quickly jumped to action by removing their turbans and creating a rope, similar to the Golden Ears Provincial Park situation.

In 2016, Sarwan Singh used his turban to pull a drowning dog from water. “They thought I was disrespecting my faith,” Sarwan told Yahoo news. “But what was important at that point was to save the animal’s life.”

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