Shakti Awards Back Celebrating International Women’s Day

Shakti Society Founder Sonia Andhi

The Shakti Awards celebrating International Women’s Day is back this year after a hiatus during the pandemic. The awards were not held last year and were held online the year before.

Shakti Society Founder Sonia Andhi who is the founder of the Shakti Awards and the Shakti Film Festival says that it has been a struggle, but that’s what Shakti is about celebrating women’s struggle. This will be the 22nd annual Shakti to be held in Surrey British Columbia on March 25th at the Bollywood Banquet Hall.

Raminder Dosanjh, a founding member of the Indian Mahili Association, the oldest south asian Women’s organization and married to the first south asian premier of British Columbia Ujal Dosangh will be the keynote speaker.

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