‘Peace Agreements Are More Sustainable When Women Are at Table’, Says Guterres

Hasth-e-Subh For much of its 76-year history, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) barely heard from women. Most of the diplomats and policymakers seated there were men. From 1990–2022, a mere 8 percent of its Permanent Representatives were women, and more than a third of them were appointed only in the last four years. In total, only 26 women Permanent Representatives have served on the Security Council between 1946 and today.

Two days after the meeting of the United Nations Security Council titled “Women, Peace and Security” the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres raised deep concern over the decline in the number of women’s participation in peace talks.

In a tweet Sunday, Guterres said: “Only with women’s equal leadership and participation will we create peaceful and resilient societies.”

“Evidence shows that peace agreements are more sustainable when women are at the table,” he added. “But the percentage of women in peace negotiations is going down.”

Protecting women’s rights and promoting greater inclusion is a proven strategy for peace and stability, UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed told the Security Council on Thursday.

The debate was held under the Council’s continued focus on women, peace and security, in line with a landmark resolution adopted 22 years ago, and centered on the latest UN report.

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