Pakistan and Uzbekistan to Bear the Cost of Trans-Afghanistan Railway’s Technical Survey

Hasht-E Subh Pakistan and Uzbekistan will bear the cost of the technical survey of the Trans-Afghanistan railway.

Afghanistan Railway Authority (ARA) operating under the Taliban administration, announced in a newsletter on Tuesday, January 3, that the head of the department has visited Pakistan.

Bakhtul Rahman Sharaft, the ARA head, in a meeting with Zafar Zaman Ranja, the Deputy Minister of Railways of Pakistan, has assured the commitment of the Taliban to lay the groundwork for carrying out technical studies of the Trans-Afghanistan railway line, according to the newsletter.

It is also stated that the Deputy Minister of Railways of Pakistan, while announcing the readiness to conduct Trans-Afghanistan railway’s technical studies, said that the cost of these studies will be jointly paid by Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

The Trans-Afghanistan railway line starts from Afghanistan’s northern Mazar-e-Sharif province in the southern border of Uzbekistan and leads to Torkham port between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This railway links South Asia to Central Asia.

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