One Million Afghans Immigrated to Iran Since Taliban’s Takeover

Haste-e-Subh Abdul Qayyum Sulaimani ambassador of Afghanistan to Tehran, says that after the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in August last year, one million Afghan citizens immigrated to Iran.

Sulaimani made these remarks in an interview with the ISNA news agency on Monday, August 29.

ISNA reported on Monday, citing Sulaimani that unofficial statistics indicate that after the Taliban took control of this country, one million Afghan citizens sought refuge in Iran.

Sulaimani has stated that Afghan citizens living in Iran are facing problems in the health, education and banking sectors; however, they have good living conditions.

Meanwhile, Afghan citizens living in Iran have always complained that they are subjected to persistent and systematic harassment in this country; an issue that the Afghan ambassador to Iran has not mentioned in his latest interview.

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