No Land’ Man opens Vancouver South Asian Film Festival

Persecuted in one country for being a “Non-Muslim” and in another for being a “Muslim”, Naveen Cheema finds temporary refuge in No Land’s Man in an apparent safeguard of a manufactured identity in an eventful quest for a sense of belonging.

The Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival (VISAFF) will return this November with a fantastic array of films, workshops and panel discussions to entertain and educate film enthusiasts in the Lower Mainland and attendees from across Canada and the world. VISAFF will run from November 9 13 and has a lineup of over 75 films, including 11 features and 8 documentaries.

Influenced by Canada’s multicultural mosaic and a reflection of the diverseness of the people from the Asian subcontinent, the theme for the festival this year is Unity in Diversity. The films will showcase global talent that goes beyond the Bollywood screen and bring original and authentic South Asian voices to the centre stage.

“VISAFF celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion through films, arts, and culture to help build a stronger multicultural society,” says VISAFF producer Mannu Sandhu. “Every year, we find ways to support different themes and perspectives, and provide a platform for new talent while ensuring the best films make the lineup.”

The Opening Night Film No Land’s Man tells the story of a man persecuted in one country for being a “Non-Muslim” and in another for being a “Muslim.” Some of the other notable feature films lined up include #Homecoming, Bite of a Mango, Residents of Arcadia, Donkeyhead, Four Samosas and Khel Khel Main along with Land of Gold, our Closing Night Film.

VISAFF’s Outstanding Speakers Series will discuss visionary ideas with captivating Canadian media professionals of South Asian descent, helping us celebrate and empower future storytellers. The Biz and Tech Day will incorporate a Film Industry Round Table and a Fireside Chat with Knowledge Network.

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