Movie review: Karma: Song of the Breath

Karma: Song of the Breath, a short film about yogic healing by Maitreyi Yogacharini premiered at the Indian Summer Festival in Vancouver. 

The film follows a remarkable journey of Karma, woman who, after an accident left her paralyzed from the waist down. Karma talks about her healing through yoga as student Maitreyi Yogacharini and becoming a certified holistic Arkaya Yoga teacher.

The film features Karma, her healer, rehabilitation specialists Dr. Rajiv Reebye and, who speak about the complex art of healing as well as Dr Arun Garg who talks about health from a traditional perspective which connects body mind and soul.

Yogacharini shows us how traditional medicine is as scientific as western medicine. She refers to the yogic teachers or rishis as scientific researchers. The film shows us that blending traditional healing practices with western methods can find positive results as the world grapples pandemics and climate crisis.

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