Monsoon floods hit South Asia again

Villagers use a boat to commute at a waterlogged area caused by floodwaters after a rise in water level of River Yamuna following monsoon rains at Badara Sanuti Village, near Allahabad on August 20, 2022. /AFP

Dozens of  people have died and hundreds of  others were injured in heavy monsoon rain-triggered flash floods and related incidents throughout Pakistan, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) revealed.

Southern Sindh province was the worst-hit region followed by northwest Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province with 11 deaths, and eastern Punjab province with seven deaths, the NDMA said, adding that 10,860 homes have been completely destroyed and 17,010 partially damaged.

Many provinces of Afghanistan have witnessed severe flash floods that have left behind scores dead and injured in addition to financial losses. Ghazni province reports that 30 residential houses have been destroyed as a result of heavy floods in the province. According to sources, following the flash floods from three directions towards the fort of Amir Mohammad Khan, Ghaib Qalandar and Pashtun Abad in Ghazni city, residential residences have been destroyed. After the peak of the water flow in the Ghazni River, the families living alongside the river have been forced to spend the cold and dark night in the heights around the city and in the open space. It is also reported that floods in Ghazni districts have also caused huge financial losses to the residents.

Paktika province also reports that flash floods in two districts of this province have caused huge financial losses to the residents.The heavy floods destroyed hundreds of acres of land, public facilities and several residential houses in Omenah and Chaharbaran districts of Paktika province, sources said. This natural disaster has damaged one big bridge, eight culverts and public roads in these two districts as well.

Panjshar province reports that the public road of this province has been blocked for traffic following the flash floods. The heavy rainfalls severely damaged the public road of Panjshir province in Pishghor village of Hesa Awal district of the province. According to sources, the water of the Panjshir River in the Pishghor area deviated from the mainstream and flowed into the road and the houses of the local residents. Meanwhile, the recent rainfalls and floods have caused huge financial losses to the residents of the province in addition to the losses the residents tolerate as a result of continuous clashes between Taliban and NRF. According to sources, the water of the Panjshir River in the Pishghor area has deviated from the mainstream and has flowed on the roads and into the residential houses.

In India, also dozens have been  killed and others went missing in flash floods and landslides amid incessant rains in India’s northern hilly state of Himachal Pradesh, the Times of India reported. The death toll is feared to rise as efforts are underway to find the missing persons. The state’s Mandi and Chamba districts are said to be the most affected by torrential rains. 

According to the report, eight members of a family died at a village in Mandi district after their house collapsed in a landslide. Their dead bodies have been recovered, added the report. In the same district two persons died and five houses were washed away in flash floods triggered by a cloudburst.

Besides, three persons, including a woman, died in Chamba district as their house collapsed during a landslide. Many such incidents of house collapse amid flash floods and landslides were reported from other places as well, killing at least two persons. As a precautionary measure, all schools in the areas affected by flash floods and landslides have been shut till further orders.

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