Marking the 5th anniversary of the Quebec Mosque Massacre

January 29th will mark the 5th anniversary of the Quebec Mosque Massacre. Last year on this anniversary, the Canadian government declared this day as a day of remembrance and action against Islamophobia and held a summit on Islamophobia. The Vancouver City Council also passed a motion declaring this day as day of remembrance and action against Islamophobia the year before.  

However, besides making decorations and holding summits, Canadian governments have failed in taking action against Islamophobia. Recently Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stuart said that he feels safe walking the streets of Vancouver and feels confident that the Vancouver Police Department will protect his privilege while many less privileged continue to be attacked and harassed.  

Non of the more than 60 recommendations made by the National Council for Muslim Canadians for action by the federal, provincial and minunicipal governments have been addressed. Proud Boys were added to the list of terrorist organizations as demanded by NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. But many other hate organizations such the Soldiers of Odin are still not listed.  

Lets not forget that four members of a Muslim Family were killed while walking in a park because they were Muslim. While the Canadian governments and criminal justice system have failed to protect us from Islamophobia and other forms of hate, Canadian law enforcement continue to profile and entrap us and even refuse to acknowledge systemic racism and bigotry. How can a system that is against us protect us? 

On this 5th anniversary of the Quebec Mosque Massacre, more commitment is needed to take action against Islamophobia. To mark this anniversary, the Coalition Against Bigotry – Pacific and the Global Peace Alliance will hold an online panel on Sunday January 30th between 4 and 6 pm. 

Please click the link below to join the webinar:…Passcode: Wdv7t.

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