Movie Review: Learn to Swim is a lesson to sink or swim in turbulent waters

Actor and Saxophonist Antony Olajide

Learn to Swim is a romantic drama that flows with smooth jazz music but not so smooth romance. The on screen romance seems like its choreographed and is compelling. Lead actors Thomas Antony Olajide and Emma Ferreira have to perform jazz and act well. They were both named 2021 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) Rising Stars.

The film is about learning to make it in the music world and the world out there or drown. It made the 2021 TIFF “Canada’s Top Ten” list and has two Canadian Screen Awards nominations – best lead actor (Olajide) and original song (“And Then We Don’t” by TiKA & Casey MQ).

Making his feature debut, Toronto director Thyrone Tommy (short Mariner/TIFF 2016) co-wrote the script with Marni Van Dyk, based on his own experiences with love and loss, and the guilt and grief. Producer is Alona Metzer. The film is being released by Mongrel Media on March 25, 2022.

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