Journalists suffer under Taliban rule in Afghanistan

Sapan News While women have often been at the receiving end of gender-based discrimination and violence in patriarchal and repressive societies like Afghanistan, their situation seems to have worsened ever since the Taliban came to power. The media and news industry, in particular, has been hit hard with women being forced out of the profession as the Taliban cracks down on all journalists. There have been raids on the houses of journalists, arrests, detentions, intimidation and harassment, despite the fact that journalism is not a crime and forms the basis of an informed society.

Additionally, the Taliban have also started to harass women in the media, banning them from appearing on TV shows, introducing strict dress codes and making the veil mandatory. Women have also been banned from long-distance travel without a male guardian, making it impossible for them to work. As a result, many talented female journalists have lost their jobs and are confined to the four walls of their homes.

The crackdown on the media industry has also made it difficult for male journalists to perform their duties, with many finding alternative employment to sustain themselves and their families.

Read more at The harsh reality for Afghanistan’s journalists by Spozhmai Maani And Rizwan Sharif, Index on Censorship, 28 March 2023

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