Javed Akhtar faces criticism

Javed Akhtar Finally Responds To His Comments On 26/11 In Pakistan(Photo Credit –Still From Show)

Javed Akhtar has faced criticism from the Pakistanis but has got a lot of praise from the Indian counterparts after he attended a party in Pakistan and commented on the 26/11 Mumbia attack.

In conversation at the party, he was told that all Indians think Pakistani are terrorists. To that, Javed had responded with a stern reply and mentioned 26/11 Mumbai attack perpetrators have been roaming round in Pakistan freely, which went viral.

 “I was embarrassed,” says Akhtar, reflecting on his comment that became an overnight sensation and shared, “It became too big, it feels embarrassing, feel like I should not go (for such events). The people and the media have so many reactions.

Akhtar even mentioned that Pakistani people have been questioned regarding his visa and even hinted that he might never step his foot in that place. When he was asked at the media event whether he felt scared while talking about that incident sitting in Lahore.

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