Iran Deports Nearly 3,000 Afghan Refugees

Hatshe-e- Subh Local sources in Nimruz province have reported that during the past seven days, nearly 3,000 Afghan immigrants have been deported from Iran.

Almost 2,844 Afghan immigrants have entered Nimruz province from the Silk Bridge on the Afghan–Iranian border, sources said on Thursday, August 18.

Given the crisis in Afghanistan, the neighboring countries are the very first options that Afghan immigrants have taken shelter in and Iran has been one of the countries that has hosted millions of Afghan refugees for decades.

Forced deportation of Afghan refugees from Iran has been one of the major topics and issues on the table between Afghan and Iranian officials during every regime in Afghanistan.

Hosting Afghan refugees, not only for Iran but for Pakistan too has been a source of gaining leverage and securing financial funds from the international community. Whenever they are a matter of relation dispute between Iran and the international community, Afghan refugees are the first who will be the victim of the political game to pay the price.

Forced deportation, harassment, and pushing the refugees behind the wall within the Iran territories have been very normal and usual practices against the refugees.

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