Indian Police Prevents Afghan Citizens in India from Protesting Against Attack on KEC

 Hasht-e-Subh    According to reports, the Indian police prevented the protest of Afghan citizens living in that country in response to the attack on the Kaaj Educational Center in west Kabul.

This protest was supposed to be held on Thursday, October 6, by a group of Afghan refugees and students living in India in New Delhi.

The protestors said that they had an official permit from the relevant departments to stage a protest, but the Indian police intervened and stopped it hours before it started.

The Indian police declared security concerns as the reason behind their decision on this matter.

After a cowardly and brutal attack on the Kaaj Education Center in west Kabul that killed and injured more than 100 innocent students, the “Stop the Genocide of Millennials” campaign has been launched in different countries by various groups of people across the world.

Amnesty International asked India on Twitter on Thursday (October 6th) to release the Afghan protesters. Amnesty International has added that the protestors of the deadly attack on the Kaj Education Center were arrested by the Indian police despite having a permit to hold the protest.

The organization added: “First, any lack of permission or non-compliance with other administrative requirements should not declare an assembly illegal and should not be used as a basis for arresting protesters.”

According to this organization, protest is a human right, not a privilege, therefore any restrictions on this matter should be based on reasonable concerns about the place, time and manner of protest.

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