Indian Defense Minister: Afghan Soil Must Not Turn to Save Haven for Fanatics

Haste-e-Sub The Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has recently said that Afghanistan’s sovereign territory should not be misused to intimidate or attack any other country.

Addressing the defense chiefs’ meeting at the 24th edition of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in the Uzbekistan capital, Singh further reiterated India’s support for a “peaceful, secure and stable” Afghanistan, in light of the Taliban’s takeover of the war-torn nation in August 2021.

Rajnath Singh urged all parties to encourage Afghanistan authorities to achieve national reconciliation through dialogue & negotiation and establish a broad-based, inclusive & representative political structure in the country and he added that Afghan territory must not be used to intimidate or attack any country by providing safe havens & training to fanatics and supporting their activities through financial assistance.

The SCO is a Eurasian organization aiming to strengthen political, economic, and security cooperation among eight member states, four observers, six dialogue partners, and several guest attendees including the UN. China, India, Russia, and Pakistan are among the members while Afghanistan is an observer.

China, India, Russia, and Pakistan are among the members of this organization and Afghanistan is an observer.

The Indian Defense Minister raises the concerns at a time when the Taliban has already failed to remain committed to the international community concerning the matters of attack on neighboring or any other nation via Afghanistan soil.

Attacks on Uzbekistan, border tensions with Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, and the presence of al Qaeda leader in the heart of Kabul very clearly indicate the failure of the Taliban as a promising ruler.

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