Sort Of second season pushes boundaries

Imran (DHIRENDRA), Sabi (BILAL BAIG) in "Sort Of Season 2 on CBC TV and CBC Gem in Canada, HBO Max in the U.S.

Award-winning Canadian, Toronto-based TV show Sort Of  returns for a second season on CBC TV and CBC Gem and streaming starting  Dec. 1 on HBO Max in the U.S.

Led by series co-creator and lead star Bilal Baig’s character Sabi Mehoob plays a Trans Pakistani Canadian. Season 2 is about love and relationships between family members, friends or romantic partners.

Sabi’s father, Imran (Dhirendra), is returning to Canada from Dubai, raising tensions and clash of cultures. Imran is stuck in his own ways and not able to recognise Sabi’s trans reality.

Trans identity is recognized in Quranic text and sex reassigment is allowed in Pakistan.  However Imran is being challenged in adjusting to new ways. Imran’s wife and Sabi’s mother Raffo (Ellora Patnaik) also decided to start a home renovation project and is taking dance lessons which is also breaking from traditional women’s roles in Pakistan.

While Sabi and Raffo adjust to Iman’s return, Imran is forced to adjust to new ways. This season   Sort Of pushes boundaries of change and acceptance of what is love and family. The TV Sit com really pushes South Asian actors’ boundaries in challenging non-traditional roles.

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