Heavy Snowfall Cuts Communication Routes Between 7 Districts and Badakhshan’s Capital City

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Hasht-E Subh Due to the heavy snowfall, communication routes were cut between seven districts and the capital city of Afghanistan’s northeastern Badakhshan province.

Snowfall closed communication routes in 7 districts of Badakhshan with Faizabad, the capital city, on Friday, according to Hasht-e Subh.

As of last night, the roads in Nusay, Shekay, Shaghnan, Raghistan, Ragh, Arghanj Khwa, Wakhan and Shewa districts had been closed.

A team of Aga Khan Foundation emergency personnel was dispatched to the site to help reopen the roads, according to sources.

Several problems have arisen as a consequence of the closure of these roads.

Badakhshan’s Raghistan district was hit by heavy snowfall two days ago, resulting in one death.

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