Four Samosas Opens Seattles’ Tasveer Film Festival

Opening Night with Four Samosas is the grand kick-off to the 17th Annual Tasveer South Asian Film Festival in Seattle this year promises to be the most opulent offering to date, full to the brim with South Asian social justice films. Receiving a  record number of film submissions, including several Cannes, Tribeca, and Sundance award winning titles. This year the festival will happen both In-Person and Online.

In-Person screenings in Seattle, Kirkland, Renton, and Issaquah, WA will delight local audiences (Nov 3-13). Online, a selection of films will be available to view world-wide (thru Nov 20th.

Four Samosas is set entirely in LA County’s “Little India” against a backdrop of South Asian snack shops, fancy-goods stores, sari palaces, Indian pizza restaurants, and populated by revolutionaries, Kannada Kutta drama groups, Indian entrepreneurs, H1B techies and wannabe hip-hop artists. Four Samosas tells the story of Vinny, an un-motivated Indian-American rapper, who learns that his ex-girlfriend, who he never really got over, is about to get married. So Vinny decides to launch an ill-advised heist on her father’s grocery store, to steal her dowry and disrupt her

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