Farhad Darya Raises Funds to Treat a Victim of Kaj Academy in Turkey

Hasht-E Subh Farhad Darya, a famous Afghan singer who launched a fundraising campaign to treat Fatema Amiri’s eye, has announced that she along with her family have moved to Turkey.

By publishing a photo of Fatema Amiri and a statement on his official Facebook page, Farhad Darya thanked the Turkish government for granting visas to Fatema and her family members on Tuesday night (December 13th).

At the same time, Darya announced that the Turkish government will bear the cost of Fatima Amiri’s eye treatment, stressing that “the best and most experienced Turkish doctors rolled up their sleeves to treat her”.

Fatema Amiri, a student of Kaj Education Center in Kabul, lost the sight of an eye in a suicide attack launched by the ISKP on this academy on 30 September 2022. A few days after the deadly attack, even though she was dealing with mental and physical health issues in the hospital, Fatema took the university entrance exam (Kankor), scoring high, and admitted into Kabul University’s Computer Science faculty.

A regional militant group affiliated with the Islamic State, known as the Islamic State in Khurasan Province (ISKP), carried out a horrific attack, inside the Kaj Academy in the Hazara-dominated neighborhood of Dasht-e-Barchi district, West Kabul, Afghanistan. This heinous act reportedly claimed the lives of 40 students, and severely injured 67 more, including children, mostly girls.

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