Explosion Near a Road Claims Lives of Five Pakistani Soldiers in Balochistan

Hasht-E Subh Pakistani authorities have reported that an explosion near a military convoy in Balochistan resulted in the death of at least five soldiers, with two others sustaining injuries.

The incident occurred in the remote Kech region on Saturday, January 13, as reported by the Dawn Pakistan newspaper.

In a press release, the Pakistan Army stated that the explosion took place during an anti-terrorism operation. They asserted that security forces engaged in a fierce armed confrontation, resulting in the subsequent elimination of three quasi-militants.

The Baloch Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for the attack through a released statement.

Pakistani authorities accuse Baloch quasi-militants of receiving support and financial assistance from India, allegations consistently denied by Delhi officials.Various separatist armed groups, including the Baloch Liberation Front, actively participate in armed activities in Balochistan.

They frequently claim responsibility for attacks against Pakistani security forces.

There is a belief that Baloch quasi-militants have also established bases in the neighboring country of Iran to escalate attacks in Balochistan.