Evil is evil. Death is death. Killing is killing.

There is no difference between the actions of Hamas and Israel with their evil.

Both are monstrous in their willingness to slaughter children, women, and innocent people.

Surely, no one and no God would wish for their children to suffer.

Have Hamas and Israel forgotten the basic principles that prohibit the killing of innocents?

Both moral conduct and compassion emphasize the importance of preserving human life and treating others with empathy. Clearly, Israel and Hamas do not care what these principles teach.

One day, I have faith, all those who do evil will have to account for their actions.

But faith alone will not suffice. We must advocate for real, actionable solutions:

  • Immediate ceasefire
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Medical support
  • End the occupation of Palestine
  • Stop these genocidal acts

We must end the violence and end the war.
Humanity must triumph over evil.

Alex Sangha MSM

Social worker, counsellor, and
documentary film producer