Dozens of Children Missing Along Iran and Afghan Border

Hasht-E Subh IRNA news agency has reported that in the last six months, more than 100 Afghan citizens, most of whom are children, have gone missing on the border lines of Afghanistan and Iran.

Behnam Saiedi, Deputy of the Iranian Red Crescent on Tuesday, November 30, that search cases for 100 Afghan refugees have been filed in this organization in the first 6 months of this year.

He added: “Most of the missing children are children are reported of being separated from their families on the border lines during the illegal border crossing.”

According to him, after the rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the search and family reunification department of the Red Crescent Society of Iran has faced a significant increase in search requests for missing members of the family across the borders.

He added that the cases of the search for missing persons are not only filed in the Iranian Red Crescent but there are also other cases for other missing Afghan immigrants. Similarly, there is a possibility that there are other missing persons whose families have referred to the responsible institutions to find them.

With the collapse of Kabul, a large wave of illegal immigration from Afghanistan started to cross borders to neighboring countries, including Iran and Pakistan and this still continues.

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