Decolonizing play claiming post colonial identity

Jivesh Parasram’s one person play, Take d Milk, Nah?, currently on tour, looks at how colonization has historically exploited indentured labour of South Asians. Jiv is a Canadian and an Indian and a Hindu and “West Indian

This funny and challenging identity play blends personal storytelling and ritual to offer the Hin-dos and Hin-don’ts within the intersections of all of his highly hyphenated cultures. The story looks at how colonialism has divided us and who is served by the constructs of cultural identity?

While the play is about indentured labour of Indo-Caribbean and how it informs their indemnity in the diaspora. It helps understand how colonialism has affected and defined all people who have been colonized or have been affected by colonization. Parasram goes by his short name Jiv, which in Indian vernacular means a living thing. His message is that in the end we are all Jiv.

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