Clashes Between Afghan-Uzbek Border Guards

Hasht-e-Subh Sources in Balkh province report that the Taliban fighters and Uzbekistan border guards have clashed in the Shortepa district of the province.

The clashes reportedly took place between the two sides on Monday, August 22.

The conflict has had casualties on both sides, but the exact number is not yet reported.

According to the sources, the fights started when some Afghan men went to the border strip to collect licorice and the Uzbek border guards shot at them.

The Taliban security command in Shortepa district of Balkh has confirmed the incident but has not provided details about it.

Meanwhile, during the last year, there have been several cases of border tensions between the Taliban fighters and neighboring countries’ border guards.

In addition, as part of the Taliban’s obligation and promises, no country is supposed to be targeted from Afghanistan soil, but the ISIS Khurasan group targeted the city of Termez in Uzbekistan with rocket attacks at least twice from the port town of Hairatan, which is connected to Shortepa.

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