Christmas Bomber not considered Terrorist

Anthony Quinn Warner in an undated photo courtesy of FBI via AP

The Christmas bombing is politely declared an “intentional bombing,” not terrorism, although he terrorized the whole Christmas out of Nashville, and destroyed AT&T telecommunication, and more, says Abdul Malik Mujahid of the Muslim Network TV.

“The suspected Christmas Bomber turned out to be someone named Anthony Warner,” says Muhaji. “Now just imagine what the media would be doing with the story if he was a Muslim!” he adds. According to major academic research, about 92% of the articles referencing Muslims in the major US media outlets are negative.

Warner, 63, died when his recreational vehicle exploded in a blast Christmas morning explosion in Nashville, Tennessee, injuring at least three people and damaging more than 40 businesses. Warner was identified as the bomber after authorities said that they had matched DNA from the scene to Warner and that an identification number from the RV matched a vehicle registered to him.

“The media is quick to attach a Muslim criminal label with us and our faith, but heroes with Muslim names do not get any recognition. About 10% of all physicians saving lives in New York are Muslim, and the Covid-19 Vaccine inventors are Muslim, but no one mentioned their heroic work,” says Muhajid.

This is the reason we have launched the Muslim Network TV. It is brought to you by an award-winning team of 120 years of combined experience in TV production.

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