Chinese Investment in Afghanistan’s Mining Sector

Hasht-E Subh Speculations have mounted that China will seek dominance over Afghanistan’s mineral resources, particularly its lithium, gold and other rare-earth ore deposits, following the final US withdrawal from the country in August 2021.

Local sources said on Thursday, January 12, that experts from two Chinese firms have visited Ghazni province for technical studies of lithium and gold mines.

According to sources, the Chinese have also brought samples of minerals from Muqur and Nawur districts of Ghazni province.

The Taliban’s provincial head for Ghazni Mines and Petroleum, Mawlawi Hazrat Yusuf Suhaib, has confirmed that Chinese engineers have visited these sites for the preliminary investigation of lithium mining in Muqur district and Zarkshan gold mine in Nawur district.

Lithium mine was discovered in Nawur district of Ghazni province in 2013 by American geologists. The value of this mine is estimated at nearly three trillion dollars. This is while the work of extracting 25 mines in Ghazni province is going on by the Taliban.

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