Canada Rescues 295 More Afghan Citizens: Bold Evacuation Move from Islamabad to Toronto

HashtE Subh The Immigration and Citizenship Office of Canada has announced the evacuation and relocation of 295 Afghan refugees from Pakistan to Canada.

On Wednesday night, November 29, the Immigration and Citizenship Office of Canada reported through a statement the transfer of these individuals to the city of Toronto via a chartered flight.

These individuals are expected to be resettled in 33 locations across Canada, including cities such as Calgary, Kingston, and Ottawa.

In a recent incident, 291 Afghan citizens were also transferred from Pakistan to Canada in a chartered flight just last week.

Hundreds of Afghan citizens, who sought refuge in Pakistan following the renewed Taliban control, have been awaiting evacuation by migrant-friendly countries, including Canada, to address their immigration cases.

While Afghan refugees in Pakistan have faced numerous challenges previously, concerns regarding the safety of those who escaped the Taliban and are now being forcibly repatriated have escalated following Pakistan’s recent decision to expel Afghan refugees from the country.