Anti SOGI Rallies join forces with Freedom Convoy 2023

Anti-SOGI (Sexual orientation and gender identity) rallies are joining forces with the Freedom Convoy 2023.

Parents across Canada rallied for their right to control their children’s choices around sexual orientation and gender identity on September 20th. They rallied again this October joining the call by the Freedom Convoy in US on October 21.

They are against the teaching of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) in the public school system. They say that they know what is best for their children and are accusing the public schools of abusing and brainwashing their children. But by opposing SOGI and limiting their Children’s choices, they abuse and brainwash their children. Many youth who choose to change their gender pronouns at School, don’t want their parents to know because of fear of control and abuse.

Many Muslim parents are involved in organizing these rallies. However anti-hate experts allege those with white nationalist and Islamophobic are among the organizers of the convoy. “We’re saying that this is a far-right convoy because — from day one — the organizers themselves are part of the far-right movement,” said Evan Balgord, executive director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. “They have previously been involved in far-right movements and have made Islamophobic comments in the past.”

These Muslim parents say that SOGI contradict their religion. However, the Quran recognizes that those who are born whose gender is not clear and sex reassignment surgeries are legally allowed in places like Pakistan, Iran and Malaysia. There are large transgender communities in South Asia and they are gaining more rights. More recently, more conservative interpretations of the Quran suggest that sex reassignment surgery should only be allowed if the child is born intersexed. However, the parents have to decide for their children as to what gender they should be. Children later protest saying that their choice to choose their gender was taken away.

There are many studies showing that conversion therapy where many LGBT youth are brainwashed to think they are straight using religious guilt have experienced psychological trauma.

A lot of the anti-SOGI organizing come from the Christian right trying to influence other religious groups saying saying their region says there only two genders. However the Christian and other scriptures talk about transgender people who have influenced society in a positive way.

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