Afghan refugee Ahmad Zia Dies of Cold on the Iranian-Turkish Border

(Hasht-e Subh) With the Taliban’s takeover of the country, thousands of former security forces have been severely punished, tortured, and persecuted by the Taliban, leaving no chance of survival but to desperately flee the country.

Since August 2021, thousands of civilians, specifically former security personnel fled Afghanistan, desperately seeking refuge in neighboring countries. Ahmad Zia Jalal, a former police officer, was one of those young people who found no chance of survival in Afghanistan and left the country with the arrival of the Taliban. Jalal was planning to travel to Turkey through Iran. He was injured on his way to Turkey and with many of his fellow travel mates, they were arrested by Turkish border police and despite his health condition, he was deported to Iran. He could not tolerate the injuries and died about two weeks ago.

Ahmad Zia Jalal’s brother sadly said that his brother was 24 years old and an officer in the Crime Department of the Kabul Police Command. According to Ahmad Jalal, the victim left the country for Iran in the first days of the government collapse to escape any possible torture by the Taliban. He added that Zia was traveling Turkey through land borders, saying that he had fallen into a waterway on Iran and Turkey border that had caused him a very serious injury in his stomach. “Despite knowing the condition of his brother, Turkish border forces, showing no mercy and had deported his wounded brother along with some other fellows from Afghanistan.” Mr. Jalal further declared.

He further declares by referring to a statement by his brother’s companions that his brother could survive the injuries if Turkish border guards had shown him mercy by not deporting him and instead, taking him to the hospital. “But unfortunately, Zia is no more amongst us and he died two weeks ago as the result of cold and severe injuries.”

Ahmad blames the Turkish border guards for killing his brother, saying “after my brother died, his friends had carried and taken him across the Iranian border to a camp and then had handed him over to the smugglers. Smugglers had left my brother’s body on the side of the road and the Iranian police had taken his body to the morgue.”

Ahmad Zia Jalal was a resident of Kapisa province. His body was transferred to Afghanistan three days ago at a cost of thousands of AFN that was paid by his family.

More than 100 members of former security forces have been brutally tortured and killed in Afghanistan since the Taliban have returned to power. Human Rights Watch report indicates that from August 15 to October 31 last year, at least 47 former security forces surrendered to the Taliban or were arrested killed and disappeared.

Respect for Human Rights is one of the very major criteria of the International Community for recognizing the Taliban as a legitimate government. But they have failed to remain committed in this regard. There are several reports and videos available on the Internet showing that Taliban militants are killing and torturing innocent citizens in different parts of the county on the basis of their ethnicity and sects.

Recently, documents are leaked showing that the Taliban have requested the clerics in Haqqani Madarasa in Pakistan to issue decrees in order to religiously justify their brutality and terror against the Afghan citizen affiliated with the former government.

In the very first days of the takeover of Kabul, the Taliban announced a general amnesty, on the basis of which they had forgiven everyone. The decree had declared that the Taliban will not take any revenge and forgives the whole nation for the sack of religion and God.

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