96 Cities of the World Chanting ‘Stop Hazara Genocide’

Hasht-e-Subh Mass protests under the slogan “Stop Hazara Genocide” are being held in Kabul and other key cities of many countries around the world following the deadly suicide bombing in West Kabul that left behind 53 killed and 110 injured.

Afghan citizens in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and Indonesia gathered and took to the streets Saturday, calling on the world to stop Hazara genocide in Afghanistan. Footage posted on social media shows hundreds of protesters taking to the streets in Washington DC, Sydney, Berlin, Makassar and other cities.

According to the list published by the protesters, these marches are currently being held in 96 cities in different countries of the world. So far, dozens of domestic and international figures, including politicians, artists and writers, have joined the campaign to end violence in Afghanistan, especially against the Hazara community.

Protest held in Afghanistan on Sunday (October 9th) with the presence of dozens of male and female students in Anguri neighborhood, ​​Jaghuri district, Ghazni province. Sources say that this is the third time in the past week that, despite being prevented by the Taliban, girls in Jaghuri district chanted slogans and asked the world to recognize the deadly attacks on Hazaras in Afghanistan as genocide.

The Taliban had previously banned protests in support of stopping the genocide of Hazaras in Ghazni University, and in another incident, they arrested 10 protesters in Nawabad area, the capital city of Ghazni province, during a march.

This is despite the fact that the Taliban arrested a civil activist two days ago in Ghazni’s Malistan district on the charge of posting pictures of protesters on social media.

Meanwhile, the hashtag “Stop Hazara Genocide” has been shared nearly 7 million times on the Twitter platform. In the attack on Kaj institute, according to UNAMA figures, 53 people were killed and 110 others injured.

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